Womanizer Pro

Womanizer Pro

98% of women who tested the Womanizer had an orgasm! This amazing product is expensive (there are less expensive Womanizer models), but when you consider the results you get, it really is value for money. Everyone we know who has tested a Womanizer has loved it.

$290.00 — $320.00

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The new Womanizer Pro lies comfortably in the hand and has a modern design.

There are the now eight new levels of intensity. The control modes range from super-soft to super-powerful.

The Womanizer Pro is switched on via a real Swarovski crystal and the eight levels of intensity are controlled by the +/- rocker switch.

At 42 decibels, the Womanizer Pro is even quieter than its predecessor, meaning it can hardly be heard at all at regular levels of use.

Low battery level is now indicated by illumination of the therapy head.

The new model comes with a second larger therapy head for women that have a larger clitoris. The size of the therapy head is important for stimulation of the clitoris without direct contact through the Pleasure Air Technology.


the Womanizer needs to be used with water based lubricant in order to function properly and form a good seal on your skin. DO NOT USE SILICONE based lubricant, it will degrade the suction head of your lovely toy friend.

We sell a lot of Astroglide lubricant, which is perfect for this use and you can see it here http://www.bliss4women.com.au/shop/astroglide-natural/

Quality manufacturing:
German Made
8 intensity levels:
Customise your personal experience
Super comfortable shape:
fits your body easily as well as your hand
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