New Product Advice: Introducing the unique and beautiful Ava original

November 20, 2018

Brand New from our friends at Made Downunder. Unique, thoughtful and very effective!

the unique and beautiful Ava original

See it on our site here.

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We have been friends and in a supplier / retailer relationship with the principles of Made Downunder toys for 22 years.We are so happy to be able to offer our customers the first in an exciting brand new line of personal pleasure products

The principle is simple and commendable, make a quality base unit and create extra ‘skins’ and add-on variants to suit every taste. And that also means sustainability .We all want to consume less and have less waste. Ava is the way of the future, as a sustainable base unit means one base unit might replace multiple other products!

And here she is and what a beauty!

What you see in white is the base unit, and the blue is the ‘skin’

The base unit houses the motor, powered by a rechargeable LiIon battery. There are 5 vibrational settings to choose from. The first 3 are speed settings, which are then followed by 2 vibration patterns.

The lovely handrawn images on the left show how ergonomic and satisfyingly Ava fits in your hand, becomes an extension of your touch.

The handset is waterproof.

The price is very reasonable considering the quality and the fact that you’ll save with different skins

Click on this link to go to the Ava original page in our shop Ava Original

Always use a small amount of a quality lubricant to enhance your experience, AVA is compatible with organic water or oil based lubricants. click on the links below for the various products

Astroglide Natural,   Pjur Woman,  Pjur Aqua WaterbasedPjur Med Vegan glide




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