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April 3, 2018

Q: Bill and I are very happy, and our sex life is satisfying, but we would like to spice things up a little. We’re not very adventurous, but I was thinking of experimenting with some food play – chocolate body sauce, whipped cream, maybe some fruit. Do you have any tips?

A: Even good sex can become a bit predictable over time. Taking a novel approach to a familiar act can keep things fresh. Occasionally, it is great to go to a hotel, or holiday home to get away from reminders of daily life. You can also introduce variety without leaving home if you use your imagination, and are willing to be playful.

Hunger and desire are both biological imperatives, but they also give us sensual pleasure, so combining food and sex can be a lot of fun, and highly erotic. It is an activity that works well with a familiar partner because it requires some preparation, a knowledge of each other’s likes and dislikes, and the ability to be uninhibited.

Before experimenting with food you need to prepare a play area. Use old sheets, and spread out towels in order to protect your furniture. You could even lay out a plastic drop sheet if you want to go wild. Have washcloths, tissues or wet wipes handy, as well as all the food, toys, safer sex products you might need. You do not want to go walking around the house trailing honey and mashed banana while you look for the condoms

There are a few safety issues to take into account. To avoid the risk of infection or irritation, keep food away from your genitals. Be particularly cautious with sugary food as it can trigger yeast infections in women. Even check flavoured massage oils and lubricants to make sure that they do not contain sugar. So, for example, you can insert pure water ice blocks, but not icy poles. If you do want to be penetrated with a fruit or vegetable, wash it well, and pull a condom over it.

Obviously, eliminate food allergies. Licking peanut butter is no fun if you have to reach for an EpiPen. Also, although we talk about “spicing” things up, it is advisable to avoid chili. That just hurts. If you want to play with fruit, avoid stinging citrus, or seedy fruits like raspberries, because the seeds could end up anywhere.

Avocado has a subtle flavour, and a wonderfully oily texture, and some Japanese enjoy eating sushi roll slices from each other’s bodies, but, as a rule, it is more successful to choose light, sweet food items. You might love savouries, but do not go for the gorgonzola and anchovy massage oil.

Food play is the appetiser, and sex is the main meal, so go easy. For example, if you warm honey you not only introduce a difference in temperature. The honey is also easier to drizzle. Great gobs of honey can be sickening, and will feel unpleasantly sticky, especially if you have body hair.

The idea is to engage all of the senses, not just taste. Lick, rub, squeeze fruit between your fingers, and slide your bodies together.

Slowly sharing a strawberry or a cherry can lead to deliciously passionate kisses. Enjoy the texture and aroma of mango slices. Use fruit cold from the fridge, such as frozen grapes. Nibble and bite if that feels good. Decorate each other. Put whipped cream on nipples. Tease other sensitive areas such as lips, the neck, earlobes, and eyelids.

The idea is to be as abandoned as children playing with mud pies, so leave your dignity at the door. Something that begins with laughter can end up being incredibly erotic.

Finally, clean up afterwards. While it might be tempting to fall asleep in a state of sated abandon it is not pleasant to wake up sticky, surrounded by rotting fruit and sour cream. Quickly gather every thing up in the soiled sheet or towels, and finish off your lovemaking by taking a shower, and helping each other to get food out of hard to reach places. Bon appetit.

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