If you enjoy clitoral stimulation and IF YOU WANT AN ORGASM, reach for a womanizer.


We can’t overstate how novel the Womanizer range of stimulators are. There is no other toy that functions quite like this and from our experience this device is really well designed to do its job. If you enjoy clitoral stimulation and IF YOU WANT AN ORGASM, reach for a womanizer

This is the mid level WOMANIZER and the middle of the price range.

Available in Tattoo Black,blue,Rose,Black,Pink and Purple.

Limited versions featuring real Swarovski Crystals available here

  • touchless stimulation of the clitoris
  • precisely adjustable regulation of intensity
  • rechargeable lithium ion accumulator (via USB port)
  • exchangeable stimulation head made of medical silicone
  • light effect in the dark
  • attractive design
  • no accustoming effect due to new technology
  • triggers multiple orgasms
  • absolutely novel orgasmic feeling

The German company that makes The Womanizer did some extensive testing (50 women from age 20-60) and discovered some pretty amazing things:

50% of the women had an orgasm in less than 1 minute!  80% in less than 3 minutes! Only 2% did not have an orgasm!

No one reported that their orgasm was “normal.” 24% said it was strong, and 76% said their orgasms were VERY strong.

73% said they experienced multiple orgasms!

98% of the women reported that they would like to own the Womanizer.


the Womanizer needs to be used with water based lubricant in order to function properly and form a good seal on your skin. DO NOT USE SILICONE based lubricant, it will degrade the suction head of your lovely toy friend.

We sell a lot of Astroglide lubricant, which is perfect for this use and you can see it here http://www.bliss4women.com.au/shop/astroglide-natural/

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