SYLK (No longer available please read below)

SYLK (No longer available please read below)

Sadly Sylk is no longer available, try our other natural Lubricants ;listed below

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Sadly Sylk is no longer available, try our other natural Lubricants

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For all Buyers and others To Whom It May Concern

It is now timely to follow-up on earlier contact I have had with some of you as we are currently informing loyal and very disappointed customers of the situation.

Due to ongoing issues with both the New Zealand manufacturer (Geneva Marketing (1998) Limited – a separate company to us but unfortunately, similarly named) and the Australian regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), we have at present ceased to supply Sylk in the Australian market. We offer the following information to explain the context in which this difficult decision was made.

Sylk was included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), and marketed in Australia as a “natural” lubricant from the late 1980’s, with Geneva Marketing Pty Ltd acquiring the business in 1995.

Unfortunately, the TGA has taken a view in recent years that it considers the glycerin used in Sylk (and other products) to be a “non-natural” ingredient – even though it is derived from a natural source (namely palm oil) – because the chemical reaction required to produce glycerin from palm oil renders it different from that which exists in nature.

To claim a product is “natural” is supposed to mean 100% natural, although this is not always the case. In Sylk’s case, the TGA demanded that we say “Over 99% natural” although in most cases, and for decades, the TGA has allowed products containing “non-natural” ingredients to be sold as “natural” products if they contain at least 99% “natural” ingredients. To clarify the issue, we sought (and received as late as December 2014) confirmation from the New Zealand manufacturer that Sylk contained less than 1% “non-natural” ingredients.

However, we later discovered that the manufacturer had changed – in mid-2014 and without our knowledge – the coconut oil glycerine to palm oil glycerine, thereby severely compromising our marketing platform. The manufacturer subsequently refused our request to revert to the previous ingredient within Sylk’s formulation or substitute the palm oil glycerine with one of the alternatives we suggested.

This not only meant that we were unable to continue marketing Sylk as a “natural” product in Australia but was, most importantly, completely at odds with our loved and trusted product, our customer loyalty and our “clean, green, eco-friendly, bio-sustainable” marketing platform.
Especially as many Australian wholesalers and retailers now ask suppliers to sign a declaration to confirm there is no palm oil ingredient in their product. (Please Google ‘palm oil problem’ if you are unaware of the issues and whilst not at the forefront, some people do appear to suffer allergies with this additive.)

We therefore feel that are unable to continue selling Sylk in Australia at present with the only possible alternative being to engage another manufacturer and formulate, test and launch a new product formulation meeting the “natural” ingredient claim. This is not at present a viable solution.

We feel obliged to point out that “Sylk” cannot be imported from other regions for wholesale or retail use as we (Geneva Marketing Pty Ltd) hold the Trade Marks for both Sylk (TM Reg No 1167035) and Silk (TM Reg No 1663554) in Australia. For example, the New Zealand manufacturer and other Sylk regions may feel that they can now distribute Sylk in Australia despite our ownership of the Trade Mark. Those persons who seek to take advantage of this situation to fill a sales vacuum will infringe our Trade Marks, and we will protect our rights vigorously and legally in this regard.

However, if you are interested in acquiring the Australian rights in the Trade Mark, please contact the writer. (Sylk and Silk are of course, both excellent brand names for a personal lubricant so we ask that you please forward this on to the relevant person handling such matters.)

We hope you understand our situation and in closing, thank you for your custom and support over many years.

Angela Dale,
General Manager
Geneva Marketing Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 382, Surry Hills, NSW 2010



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