Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe

Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe

Over 300000 happy users around the world prove that the Eroscillator is a top value for money choice. A perennial favourite, the sales results speak for themselves


New Pricing means the better quality Top 2 Deluxe model with MORE attachments, MORE POWER, and a new nicer finish including chrome features  sells for the SAME PRICE AS OLD MODEL. 


The Eroscillator. You can’t call this wonderful device a toy; Much more than a toy, this is a quality designed and constructed personal massager in a class of its own.

The Eroscillator is the first device designed exclusively for sexual excitement of the female genitalia. Because it is the best device ever made for stimulation of the labia and clitoris, it offers women exciting, immensely satisfying orgasms with little or no effort, time after time.

The Eroscillator is not like common vibrators. It provides a totally unique, gentle “oscillating” motion which moves naturally and softly from side to side rather than up and down like a vibrator. The sensation is radically different. More erotic. More sensual. Some customers have described the motion as “more rubbing than tapping”, which mimic’s more closely our natural movements.

The Eroscillator is electrically operated delivering 3600 constant soothing, stimulating movements per minute. No wonder women rave about it. Unlike battery operated vibrators, the Eroscillator can’t wear down when it’s most inconvenient.

The Eroscillator. This worldwide success is now available in stock and shipping ready for Australian power.

Please read what world-renowned sex therapist Dr Ruth Westheimer has written about The Eroscillator, the only sensual product Dr. Westheimer endorses.

“A Unique and Wonderful product”

A letter from Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Dear Internet Surfer and Searcher, I’d like to let you in on a little secret. Despite the fact that in movies and books, women seem to have no problem achieving orgasm (and fantastic, multiple ones at that), the truth is that many women have a great variety of problems when it comes to orgasm.

Some women experience orgasms rarely or never. Most cannot climax simply through intercourse alone but need direct clitoral stimulation. If you are not used to direct way in which I approach this topic, please excuse me, but I am always frank. It’s the best way to communicate. On radio or television, I tell women to seek professional help if they are having difficulties reaching orgasm. In my private practice, the advice I give most often to women is that they have to be able to bring themselves to orgasm before they can expect to do so with a partner (of course, if a women has strong personal or religious beliefs against self stimulation, my advice to her is different).

One therapeutic approach that I recommend frequently to women, who would benefit from it, is the use of a vibrator.

A vibrator used during masturbation can almost always give a woman an orgasm. That does not mean that fingers or running water or other methods don’t work, only that vibrators are more effective. This is very useful, particularly for those just learning how to masturbate.

Recently I discovered a new vibrator in France called the EROSCILLATOR. Actually it is not a vibrator as it oscillates rather than vibrates. But technical details are not so important to me as the fact that the EROSCILLATOR® is more comfortable to use, absolutely safe and very, very effective

I just want to let you know that you should not feel uneasy about using a vibrator to masturbate or to help your partner bring you to orgasm. In general, I do not like mechanical things, (I still cannot operate my VCR) but with the EROSCILLATOR, I definitely think the advantages far outweigh any hesitation you might have putting a machine “down there”.

The EROSCILLATOR really can make your sex life better. To my way of thinking, anything that accomplishes that goal is worth its weight in gold.

Please read all the information around here, and then decode for yourself. One more thing, if you need to fantasize that the reason you are ordering an EROSCILLATOR is because you came to see me and I told you to use one – go ahead! Imagination is the most important tool for a good sex life. The EROSCILLATOR follows close behind.

Enjoy yourself,


University tested (psycho sensory) in the USA, Doctor approved and recommended.
Does not cause irritation to healthy tissues.
3 levels of intensity from gentle to intense.
3600 steady oscillations every minute.
Constant power, never wears down when most inconvenient.
Can be reused at all times, whenever desired.
The device when unplugged is washable under running water and completely waterproof.
Never gets too hot to handle.
Streamlined, ergonomic and lightweight for ease of use.
Virtually noiseless with an attachment and when in use.
New shape created by a world-renowned Swiss designer, for LPA of Switzerland.

ultra_soft_finger_tipUltra Soft Finger Tip™

The Ultra Soft Finger Tip is a marvel of comfort and technology. It provides the softest, most pleasant and sensual touch thanks to its high-tech Swiss made medical silicone elastomer. Ultrasonically welded for perfect water tightness. To be used preferably in conjunction with the Swiss Formula & Swiss made lubricant NatureGlide.


Ball and Cup


golden_spoonGolden Spoon™

An enhanced version of the “digital head” – the favorite attachment of the original Eroscillator – our new supple Golden Spoon attachment comes with a concave cavity specially conceived to receive and stimulate the clitoris on one side, and a flat surface with small droplets to stimulate the inner and outer lips on the other side.


french_seven_pearlsSeven Pearls of the Orient® &
French Legionnaire’s Moustache®

The French Legionnaire’s Moustache your ultimate and most sophisticated, next discovery in and outside your vagina.

You will experience unlimited pleasures with the unique world’s pleasurable head mechanical + sonic action beyond the tip of its extra fine bristles at 3,5 m/s.

The Seven Pearls of the Orient® head was specially developed for vaginal and anal stimulation and penetration.

The attachments are made of silicon-coated TPR, the safest material for your health and the environment.

The French Legionnaire’s Moustache® and Seven Pearls of the Orient Fit all models of Eroscillator.


The testimonials below are freely provided and unscripted expressions of customers’ experiences with the EROSCILLATOR.

User Review  March 29, 2016

The eroscillator is AMAZING.  That’s all you need. The cord is REALLY long. You never have to worry about it dying before you get off. Never buy batteries again. The cord doesn’t get in the way, trust me. And it’s SO effective, I’ll explode into squirting orgasm in SECONDS if I’m not careful. BUY IT. You won’t regret it and it breaks my heart that someone would put such a review online and cheat women out of the opportunity to have this jewel of a toy in their collection.


Orgasms in less than 60 secondsPat O., Dallas TX

“I’ve tried battery operated vibrators and there’s no comparison. They’re noisy and the batteries are always running down. The Eroscillator is pure heaven and so much more powerful. I’ve had orgasms in less than 60 seconds!”

My boyfriend loves using mine Betty R., Louisville KY

“This is the second Eroscillator I’ve ordered. My boyfriend loves using mine on the tip of his penis and under his testicles. The enclosed check to to buy him one to use when he’s on the road. Mine stays with me.”

“Once we got an Eroscillator (my husband uses it on me), I’ve stopped having trouble getting wet. Sex has become beautiful again.”

– Loretta C., Canton OH

It’s like the holy grail of pleasure- MAF

“I wanted to let you know that I just received my Eroscillator a couple of days ago. The first time I tried it, I was very skeptical, especially when I read on your website that you can achieve multiple orgasms… It takes quite a lot of energy and time just to achieve one! Well, to my surprise, I can have 6+ per day! With no or little effort! This is an amazing device of which I can’t even describe. It’s like the holy grail of pleasure. I am 40 years old and I have NEVER in my life, achieved more than 2 which is even rarer than one! So please, let the Swiss manufacturer know that this product is fantastic! Thanks to Dr. Ruth for endorsing such a fine product. Thanks,”

It has taken our sex life to a whole new levelBill B.

“Thank you for such a wonderful product! My wife absolutely loves it! It has taken our sex life to a whole new level. Every woman should own one, maybe two.”

 Very deep orgasms, easy and quick to achieveLynn V., Fort Smith AK

“I guess I overdid it when I received my eroscillator yesterday (7 orgasms in 3 sessions). The orgasms achieved with the eroscillator are very deep, easy and quick to achieve, and most importantly, do not hurt my tissues and make them numb. I am used to batteries and cheap vibrators fading and quitting, leaving me frustrated. I am convinced the eroscillator is a gift from God! I feel like I have personal power that couldn’t be achieved another way.”

My first orgasm Grace H., Richmond VA

“I had given up. I figured I was one of those women who would never have an orgasm. Was I wrong. I bought an Eroscillator, read the instructions (which incidentally are great) and in no time, I had my first orgasm. As I became more relaxed and more used to it, I discovered I could have multiple orgasms with the Eroscillator – and, believe it or not, with my partners as well.”

“After years of trying other vibrators to no avail, I ordered the Eroscilllator. This was the best investment I have ever made. “

– Jenny N.

We orgasm at the same time or extremely close to it André.

“All I have to say is this product definitely lives up to the hype!  When my girlfriend has an orgasm she becomes very sensitive and very physically drained. Infact, her orgasms are more like the typical male’s in which she in most cases will fall asleep afterwards.  Using the grapes head she orgasms rather quickly so we can basically time her orgasms which is perfect for simultaneous orgasms. She’ll go down on me using the grapes head on my penis (which is wonderful) and when I’m just about there we’ll start penetration and she’ll use the erocillator on her but we both feel the sensations. More often than not we orgasm at the same time or extremely close to it.  This is great because neither of us have to wait out recovery time or have to endure not orgasming at all. This is truly a wonderful product.”

Rediscovering orgasms after childbirth Jenny N.

“After having a child in which it was necessary to used forceps, having an orgasm was non-existent. After years of trying other vibrators to no avail, I ordered the Eroscilllator. This was the best investment I have ever made. I plan on ordering the other attachments, so my husband and I can have more fun with them in the near future.”

 I’ve made it a regular part of my sex life Anne S., Bridgeport CT

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had sex without having an orgasm. Masturbation usually worked but by the time I had an orgasm, I was exhausted. Now that I’ve got an Eroscillator, I orgasm a half dozen times in a row. It’s so easy and it feels so good. I’ve made it a regular part of my sex life.”

“I figured I was one of those women who would never have an orgasm. Was I wrong. I bought an Eroscillator and in no time, I had my first orgasm. “

– Grace H., Richmond VA

 I’ve stopped having trouble getting wet. Sex has become beautiful againLoretta C., Canton OH

“I have a good marriage and I love my husband but as I get older I find it takes much longer to lubricate. Some nights it just doesn’t happen. Once we got an Eroscillator (my husband uses it on me), I’ve stopped having trouble getting wet. Sex has become beautiful again.”

I use my Eroscillator to masturbateCathy F., New Orleans LA

“I use my Eroscillator to masturbate when my boyfriend isn’t around. We haven’t used it together yet but someday I’ll ask him to use it on me.”

 I have recommended this product to female patientsDebra. N.

“Thanks for the best product! As a nurse working for a urologist, I have recommended this product to female patients experiencing mild to moderate urinary stress incontinence before surgery is needed. Many, including myself, have received tremendous success with the urinary problem, most likely due to increased muscle tone. And gee, what a great way to increase muscle tone it is! All of my patients who have tried it are impressed in its appearance and that it isn’t obscene to look at. Most have also reported their husbands think it’s the best!”

Light years ahead of anything else I’ve ever triedBarbara N., Seattle WA

“It had to be invented by a woman. Only a woman could know how to make masturbation so pleasurable. The Eroscillator is light years ahead of anything else I’ve ever tried. It’s fantastic. Thank you.”

“I guess I overdid it when I received my eroscillator yesterday
(7 orgasms in 3 sessions) “

– Lynn V., Fort Smith AK

The only success has been with the EroscillatorE.H., New Zealand

“I have just tested an Eroscillator 2 Plus sensual massager that my husband brought from the USA with amazing and satisfying results. Some years ago, I had surgery for uterine cancer which completely changed my sex life. Since then my husband and I have tried many things but the only success has been with the Eroscillator.”

I know that I’ll have an orgasm Michelle R., Nashville TN

“I was always told that a man’s sex drive is a lot stronger than a woman’s. Not the men I meet. They all seem to slow down after 40. I use the Eroscillator several times a week. It gives me a chance to engage in my favorite fantasies for as long as I want and I know that I’ll have an orgasm. That’s not always true when I have sex with a man.”

It doesn’t get in the way of my thoughts Marilyn N., Kansas City MO

“I take my time when I use my Eroscillator. I change speeds and positions depending on my mood. I particularly like the idea that it’s so quiet. It doesn’t get in the way of my thoughts.”

My husband and I really enjoy the Eroscillator Janet P., Reno NV

“My husband and I really enjoy the Eroscillator. We use it on each other for foreplay. He likes it on his nipples and I particularly like using it to keep myself aroused – when he’s resting between orgasms.”

I’m still a virgin and I plan to stay that way until I’m marriedNancy B., Chicago IL

“I don’t think my mother believes me but I’m still a virgin and I plan to stay that way until I’m married. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have sexual feelings. The Eroscillator has gotten me through a lot of nights that might have been difficult.”

“The Eroscillator is pure heaven and so much more powerful. I’ve had orgasms in less than 60 seconds!”

– Pat O., Dallas TX

A nice warm bath and a few minutes with my EroscillatorLouise W., Charlotte NC

“A nice warm bath and a few minutes with my Eroscillator is all it takes to relax a day’s worth of tension. My whole attitude changes.”

I’m 73 and widowed but I refuse to be sexually dead Laura M., Williamsburg VA

“I’m 73 and widowed but I refuse to be sexually dead. My husband passed away several years ago and I’ve been looking for someone new. In the meantime I keep myself sexually alive with my Eroscillator.”

An orgasm every time Lillian T., Los Angeles CA

“It’s quick, convenient and it makes me have an orgasm every time.”

10 years of loyal servicesP.R. Canada

“After 10 years of loyal services, my eroscillator finally died on me. With normal vibrators, they only last 3-6 months with my normal use. Thank you for before & in advance.”

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